Sowing the Seeds of Dharma in the Archipelago

The wisdom of the Venerable MNS Ashin Jinarakkhita is aptly described by Prof. Dr. M.A. Ton Lathouwers, a Zen practitioner from Belgium.

“He showed that in life, resilience and joy can go hand in hand. His discipline did not hinder his spontaneity. His unwavering faith was coupled with an open heart, gentleness, hospitality, and a deep understanding of others, recognizing that each individual carries their own karma. His unpretentious personality, seemingly effortless, revealed that every human being has their own unique, authentic personality that cannot be duplicated or pigeonholed into stereotypes.”


“The assignment of the Venerable Jinakumari for my ordination and her appointment as the head of the women sangha were a few indications of Bhante Ashin’s progressive stance on pivotal matters within Buddhist tradition and society. The choice of a bhikṣuni to lead the ordination ceremony was, in itself, a revolt to entrenched patriarchal norms, predating the broader gender equality discourse.”
(Hudaya Kandahjaya, author of Borobudur: Biara Himpunan Kebajikan Sugata, USA)

“While reading this book, I am reminded of Ashin Jinarakkhita, who spoke so expressively and patiently during interviews, sometimes with a stern look on his face, but at other times with a big laugh…. (This) is a must-read book for researchers studying Indonesian Buddhism, fulfilling an indispensable and important role.”
(Bunki Kimura, Aichi Gakuin University, Japan)

“Sowing the Seeds of Dharma in the Archipelago illuminates a remarkable journey and stands as a testament to the enduring influence of Ashin Jinarakkhita’s vision in shaping the landscape of Buddhism in modern Indonesian history.”
(Jack Meng-Tat Chia, National University of Singapore, Singapore)

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A Brief Biography the Venerable MNS Ashin Jinarakkhita

First Printing, 2024
17×24 cm, xxxii + 254 pages
ISBN: 978-602-1235-

Author: Edij
Layout dan Sampul: Indra Ari Wibowo


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